We feature an indoor and three outdoor practice ranges.

20 yd Indoor Range Line Indoor Targets 20 yd Indoor Range

Our 14 position NFAA certified 20 yard indoor range features portable targets that can be positioned from 1 to 20 yards.

3D Range 3D Range Tower view No Broadheads

Our outdoor 3D range provides 52 McKensie game targets at distances up to 50 yards.

Broadhead Range Our broadhead range provides targets out to 40 yards that can be sighted from ground level...
Broadhead Tower ... or from 15 and 30 foot tower elevations.

From the 60-100YD Line For long distance shooters, we provide target stations at 30/40/50/60/80/100 yards. Excellent for FITA shooters, bow hunters in general, and those hunters planning exotic hunts for game such as elk, antelope, and African game. 60 YD Line Post

No Broadheads

Club members may use the outdoor broadhead and 100 yard ranges at any time or day.


Glisson Archery

Small target at 20 yds

Standard Target